78 Percent

78 percent. That’s the percentage of eligible voters in Canada who support a conservative government.

Of the 14.7 million registered electors who voted, 39.6 percent cast a ballot for the Conservative Party.

Another 9.2 million or 38.6 percent of registered electors failed to vote. That’s a total of 78.2 percent.

Fundamentally, if you are a registered voter, who pays taxes every year and you do not vote, you are endorsing or at least passively supporting the ruling party.

As someone who spent a large part of the their life in Canada, I can’t help but feel disappointed that Canadians voted for at least 4 years of unchecked conservative policies.

We’ll have to wait to see if liberal alarmists, who have called this the beginning of the Americanization of Canada — along with the social doom which that entails — turn out to be right. I hope not, but I do fear a turn for the worst.

Prime-Minister-Elect Harper, in his victory speech on Monday night, did nothing to soothe that fear.  He wrapped everything up with this gem:

“God bless all of you. God keep our land glorious and free.”


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