Fuck or Fuck Off

Via RN (Reality Network) press release dated 5/30/2011:

RN and producer Micheal Smith are ecstatic to announce the latest edition to our 2011 fall schedule: Fuck or Fuck Off!

American Idol started it all. Shows like X-Factor and America’s Got Talent were quick to follow, and later on things started to go in the right direction with shows like Hot or Not… but none of them got down – way down – to the nitty-gritty, to the thing we were put on this Earth to do: fuck! So that’s the question we will be putting to our contestants; to fuck or not to fuck? Each week we will invite a group of 50 hot, sexy, hard-bodied young men and women to our studio. From this Horny Harem we will choose by lottery, 5 lucky individuals who will then, in the order they were selected, watch the rest of the Horny Harem as they pass by in front of them on the Eye-Candy Express conveyer belt in nothing but their Victoria Secrets and Calvin Kleins. If the man or woman in front of them isn’t up to their fucking-standards, they simply say “Fuck Off!” and the next hot body will come around on the Eye-Candy Express. When that Mr. or Mrs. Right does come around then all they need to say is the magic word, “Fuck!”, and viola: a match made in lust! Once the 5 couples have been set, it’s the audience’s turn. Thought we forgot about the audience and the folks at home, didn’t you? The couples will each have 2 minutes to do their best to titillate, excite and entice all the millions watching, with some bumping, some grinding, some teasing and whatever else “springs” to mind. The People will then vote for who they think is the most Fuck-tastic couple of the night. The lucky winners will get a cool 100 grand, and an all expenses paid trip to a sexy location somewhere in the world where they can fuck each other’s brains out!

Currently RN is excited to be conducting our first Fuck or Fuck Off! contestant search. So, if you are a strapping piece of man meat or a hot young sex kitten, we are now accepting video entries for the show. So tell us, and more importantly show us what makes you a good choice for what will be this fall’s hottest new reality show!

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