The Royal Brits

Have the fine folks of the United Kingdom jumped on the crazy train? Are they aware that they give their royal family 10s of millions of pounds each year? What do they get in return for that? A sense of duty satisfied?

The British government have declared that it’s time to pull up their boot straps and pinch pennies for the good of society; they call it Austerity. Is there a more pretentious word they could have chosen? Meanwhile, this same government says nothing of dishing out some 7 million pounds towards security for some wedding that was held recently. This wedding was, in fact, a royal wedding, where a commoner was deigned appropriate enough for a man who is wealthy and of high social standing simply because his surname is Mountbatten-Windsor. This is the same surname to which 10s of millions of pounds from government coffers are paid each year.

Meanwhile still, and not long after this poorly timed display of decadence some men call a wedding, the matriarch of the Mountbatten-Windsor clan took it upon herself to grant the people of Ireland a chance to bask in the light of that which is Royal; at a cost of around 30 million pounds. The bill for this – reportedly the largest security operation in Irish history – to be footed by a government and country, which is in even worse financial trouble than the UK is. The best part of it all is that all this money was spent on a woman who most of the Irish hate. It’s all so brilliant.

Knowing these things, why is it that the taxpayers of the UK continue to pay taxes when such a tidy chunk of it is misappropriated in this way? After all, I’m quite sure that the Mountbatten-Windsors would do just fine without their allowance.

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