Canucks/Bruins Game 3

8 to 1 eh? Wow.

Some thoughts on the game:

  • LOTS of big hits. It seemed like most of them were delivered by the Canucks, and as such there wasn’t a large crowd response, but yeah, good stuff. As for Rome’s hit on Horton, I don’t think it deserved an ejection. Not too many years ago, Scott Stevens was applauded for very similar hits to Eric Lindros and Paul Kariya.
  • The first two goals from Boston were flukes, and the second was on a power play which they should not have had. That was not hooking; it was a great defensive play from the Vancouver player, lifting the stick of the Bruin without contacting his hands.
  • Recchi and Lucic offering their fingers up for biting due to the Burrows incident was just plain stupid and childish. If, during a melee, some guy was shoving his fingers in my mouth, whether accidentally or purposely, there’s a good chance that I would, accidentally or purposely, bite those fingers. I remember on one of Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em videos I watched as a kid, he told a story about a time he was fighting a guy and his fingers went in the guys mouth and the guy started biting them, so he worked his finger(s) around to the side where the guy had no teeth. Cherry didn’t complain about the biting, he just logically concluded that when you are fighting someone and your finger ends up in his mouth it’s natural that your finger should get bitten.
  • Some of the Canucks, and I’m sad to admit it, especially the Sedins, sure are diving a lot. It’s really embarrassing, and I seriously hope they rein that shit in.
  •  At the end of the game, when things were starting to get tense due to the score, the referees made some bad calls as excuses to get some chippy players off the ice. One in particular I think was a mistake by the refs. It was Kesler’s boarding call. As Glen Healy pointed out, Kesler could have absolutely killed Ference (I think it was) from behind, but instead he hesitated slightly and came up beside Ference instead and sort of threw him into the boards. If you want to get guys off the ice for the sake of game management then pick a stupid play, not a smart one. As a former referee, I have some more thoughts on how I think game management by referees in the NHL has gone out the window, but maybe I’ll save those for another post.
  • It’s seems a big dangerous hit by a Canucks player has once again had the same effect as Torres’ hit on Seabrook had against the Blackhawks in the first round. Rather than getting one’s own team jacked up, which is the usual result, it had the opposite effect. After Torres hit Seabrook, Chicago really embarrassed Vancouver for the next couple of games, and here Rome’s hit on Horton seems to have instigated another shellacking of the Canucks. Maybe they should lay off the big hits… maybe.
  • Overall I think Vancouver packing it in and giving up on the game doesn’t really matter to them. They’ve displayed a few times that they seem to be able to give up on a particular game or games, not care about it, and then continue on as the best team in hockey. They did it near the end of the regular season, when they lost two games in a row to the Oilers – the worst team in hockey – and then again in the first round of the playoffs against Chicago. Alain Vigneault seems to have instilled that relaxed attitude on his team. I do think Vigneault made a mistake in this game, though, and that was leaving Luongo in the net till the end. Watching the game, the famous blowout which ended Patrick Roy’s tenure as a Montreal Canadian, kept coming up in my mind.

I’m still sticking to my prediction. Canucks in 5.

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