Canucks/Bruins Game 4

Well, my prediction went to shit.

And this is starting to look an awful lot like round one for the Canucks.

Thoughts on the game:

  • Boring game. Few scoring chances, no speed or passing, no big hits, and the four goals that were scored were softies and junk.
  • The score would indicate otherwise, but Vancouver was not really outplayed. The problem was that the Bruins scored on all of their (few) chances and the Canucks had no good scoring chances, only a lot of shots.
  • Note to referees: diving, yapping, cheap shots, and all sorts of other embarrassing after-the-play bullshit from both teams is getting out of control. Luckily for you, there’s a penalty for that; it’s called “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Start fucking using it. It’s starting to look like a Junior B game out there. [I could write a whole post on how the quality of NHL refereeing is deteriorating and maybe I will soon]
  • The Canucks are going to need better goaltending from Luongo and a more adult level of play if they are going to take back control of this series. If I were Vigneault I would play guys like Hansen, Raymond, Higgins and Torres a lot more; they’ve got a lot more punch and discipline than the top guys right now. I would probably start Schneider instead of Luongo, as well.
  • Brad Marchand is an asshole.

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