Jane and the Air Unit

Jane is in her twenties and works in a school.

Jane is very sensitive to hots and colds which fall outside the normal range of her own body temperature. If the day’s temperature is anywhere over one degree hotter than that of her body’s, she will frequently declare as much. Likewise, if it is colder, you will hear this often noted, as well. As such, the heating/cooling units around her find themselves quite busy throughout the year.

Jane has forgotten that as a human being she is one of the most, if not the most, adaptable creature(s) on our planet. Jane is not alone. There are many people like her. Technology has caused our innate ability to adapt to various environmental conditions to wither and die. With the death of our adaptability, so too, comes the death of humanity.

This summer, when there’s talk of brown-outs, black-outs, energy shortages, smog and high oil prices, be sure to think of Jane.

2 thoughts on “Jane and the Air Unit

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