Canucks/Bruins Game 5

I don’t like Max Lapierre. He’s sort of the Marchand of Vancouver. That being said, him scoring the only goal of the game, just goes to show that it’s not going to be the Sedins or Borrows or Kesler who do anything for the Canucks the rest of the way; they’re done. They’ve been overplayed, and they’re banged up and exhausted and the Bruins have them completely locked up. It’s the guys I mentioned before like Hansen, and Raymond who are going to get stuff done the rest of the way. Seriously, Vigneault, start playing the second and third line guys more than the first-liners.

Thoughts on the game:

  • Other than a little bit of yapping at the start of the game, led by Thornton of Boston, there was a lot less bullshit in this game. It looked a little more professional.
  • Vancouver fans in the building were embarrassing themselves early in the game just as much as the players had done in the previous two games. For example: cheering loudly when linesman Steve Miller was drilled by a clearing attempt. Big time asshole move there.
  • Again the refereeing was hugely disappointing. The interference call on Kesler was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen; absolutely mind boggling. The refs were lucky that after that long string of Vancouver-only penalties, McQuaid bailed them out big time with an easy call the other way.
  • Boston must have loved, just loved, the fact that it was Lapierre who scored the winner.

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