Canucks/Bruins Game 6

Well, that was a depressing game.


  • Vigneault again played the Sedins and Kesler too much. I think to have been more successful on the road, he should have rolled 4 lines throughout the games.
  • It’s pretty clear that Malhotra should not have come back. His eye is clearly effecting his play.
  • The hit that hurt Raymond was an awkward accident and nothing more. Regardless, it’s a huge loss for Vancouver. There will be even more pressure on the big guns now.
  • I have always thought, even way back when he played for Canada at the World Juniors in 98 and 99 (two years where Canada didn’t win gold) that Luongo is an overrated goaltender; he’s big and lanky and that’s it. I would have pulled him after the second goal on this night. Even if you look at the previous game where he got a shutout, he really didn’t make any hard saves, he just went down in the butterfly and the pucks hit him.
  • The refereeing continues to be bad.

I have to admit I’m feeling a little bit confused. I want Vancouver to win the Cup, but I’m having a hard time justifying that want, because it’s looking more and more to me that they don’t deserve to win.

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