Moving Picture Time

A bare-bones documentary about Israeli checkpoints in and around the occupied Palestinian territories.

And, some people wonder why the Palestinians hate the Israelis so much.

I seem to recall the Jewish peoples being treated quite poorly by a certain European nation sometime back in the first half of the 20th century. Go figure.

Watching this, it seemed like all of the exchanges between the checkpoint guards and the travelers followed the same pattern: guard says, “You can’t pass today,” traveler says, “But the other guy let me go through before,” guard says, “Fuck off, you can’t go through,” traveler says, “C’mon man, let me through, I’ve gotta be somewhere today,” they bicker some more and then the guard asks for an ID card, he looks it over, delays some more, and finally says “Ok, fuck it, just go.”

It all appears to be very unprofessional and leaves you with the conclusion that these checkpoints are there only for the purposes of harassment and to restrict freedom of movement.

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