Jane and her Honeymoon

Our friend Jane came back today from her week-long honeymoon in Paris.

One of the first things, if not the first, that she told me was that it had been cold while she was there. The average daytime temperature while she was there was over 20°C. I didn’t realize that was cold.

Her next criticism was that Paris is dirty and filthy, followed by a comment about her country being better than France. Last night on my way home — in her country — I passed several piles of loose garbage and a man pissing on the tailpipe of a truck parked on the side of a busy street.

I then asked her about the food. “It sucked”, was her response, “We didn’t eat rice for the whole week, just bread; lots of bread. We couldn’t even find a McDonald’s. I wasn’t too bad, but my husband can’t go for long without rice.”

I cried a little on the inside.


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