Documentary Heaven

If you’ve never checked out nor heard of Documentary Heaven I highly recommend you give it a look.

Not everything about the site is good. There’s a lot of just plain bad films and a number of the higher profile documentaries, such as Exit Through the Gift Shop, have broken embeds or are nothing more than trailers or previews. [Note: you can find Exit Through the Gift Shop here]

That being said, DH still provides a trove of interesting movies. Some that I’ve watched and liked are:

  1. Bomb It – an international look at graffiti and street art.
  2. Cannabis: The Evil Weed – an empirical look at marijuana. Learned some interesting stuff.
  3. Radiohead: Kid A – The thoughts of Thom Yorke after OK Computer. Not a happy camper.
  4. The Most Hated Family in America – One episode of Louis Theroux’s documentary series on the BBC. It’s about the Westboro Baptist Church and it’s absolutely fascinating. If you can ignore his sometimes off-putting mannerisms, all of Theroux’s series is worth a watch.

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