Summer Books

Over the last couple months I haven’t written anything and I read at a slower pace than I did earlier in the year. So, rather than a list of 5 books per month as I did previously, I’m instead going to do a very brief recap of what I read over the summer followed later by a recap of what I read during the fall.

The summer 9:


DMZ: Body of a Journalist. The second book in the DMZ series. Continuing the same good stuff as the first book.






The Sandman: The Doll’s House. Great story-telling from Neil Gaiman.






A Clash of Kings. The second book in George Martin’s epic. More murder, betrayal and great plot development.






The Giver. A nice little tale. Similar in vein to a lot of other “young adult” type stuff, but slightly above par.  There’s a scene in this book that will hit you really hard.






The Hunger Games. This book was hyped a ton, and I was quite disappointed by it. Yes, I think it is meant more for younger readers, but I just thought it was poorly written. Good premise, bad execution.






The God Delusion. Everyone who hasn’t already read this book needs to read it – as soon as possible. Dawkins outlines very credibly just how ridiculous religion is.






American Gods. A fine yarn. As I mentioned before, Gaiman really is a great storyteller.






The Areas of my Expertise. Deadpan humour, well written. Some of it is skippable, but there are a few comic gems in there too. There’s a part about Thoreau that had me laughing uncontrollably.






Fahrenheit 451. A classic. I read it back in high school, but wanted to re-read it from a more mature perspective. It didn’t disappoint. The ending, though, does leave something to be desired.

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