Fall Books

And here’s a quick recap of what I read this past fall.

Fall 9:




DMZ: Public Works. The best book in the DMZ series so far.






The Sandman: Dream Country. 4 interesting, unrelated short stories. Quite entertaining. Although I didn’t enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Dream.





Batman: The Killing Joke. Alan Moore works his magic on Batman. The ending is fantastic.






A Storm of Swords. What can I say about this series, other than that it’s beyond addictive. Martin’s pace never slows. How he writes thousands of pages of this, without letting it get stale, is beyond me.





The Lord of the Flies. Another book I read as a kid. I remember it having a strong effect on me then and it’s still strong now. Suzanne Collins could have taken a few lessons on how to write about children in dark situations from this book.





The Metamorphosis. One of Kafka’s most famous stories. Reads like a black comedy. Personally, I think that critics and people in general read far too deeply into Kafka’s work, trying to find the deeper meaning behind every word on the page.






Foundation. An interesting concept written about simply but effectively.





The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Absolutely fascinating account of a group of LSD adventurers. It’s hard to believe this stuff actually happened… or maybe it’s not, knowing how absolutely zonked these characters were.




The Architecture of Happiness. I’ve read 3 of de Botton’s books and this one is by far the best. Really insightful stuff. My only complaint is de Botton’s insistence on using low-contrast, black-and-white photos in all of his books. Especially in this book, where the pictures are somewhat important, why use boring photographs?

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