Bae Bien-U

Bae Bien-U (배병우) is a Korean photographer really worth checking out. His use of large format film and mastery of light to capture nature, most notably pine tree forests is world renowned. No HDR bullshit for this guy.

He seems like an interesting character; blunt and honest, in a recent interview he did in Korea’s JoongAng Daily:

Until the early 1990s, my photographs were mocked in Korea because experimental works were in fashion. Koo Bohnchang and Kim Jung-man were much more popular, though they were simply following the trend overseas. What’s funny is that both are doing landscapes now.

When asked if he gets tired of taking pictures of pine trees, he responds:

But people still keep buying them. I’m running out of stock. [Laughs.]

On how much money he makes:

I can live for a year with what I earn selling 10 pieces.


People around me say that one piece can cost over 100 million won [$86,603].

Finally, when asked what matters to him most, he responds:

Work. When you are good at your work, you get everything from money to female fans. Exerting effort to excel in something revitalizes your life. Whenever I spend a couple of days drinking in Seoul, this thought that I am not supposed to be doing this hits me. Happiness is enjoying nature as it is.

Great stuff. Check out the full interview here. See his portfolio by clicking on the pic below.


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