Still Hot

It’s still hot.

My all-plastic, Chinese-made fan is furiously whirring away not 3 feet from my face.

Did you know that there are 15 shooting events in the Summer Olympics? Meaning that 15 gold medals are given out to people who have absolutely no athletic qualities whatsoever. Meanwhile, two gold medals are given out for the triathlon.

I stumbled upon some judo action from the Olympics while flicking channels. I wonder if Judo in its original Japanese means ‘the competition of grabbing the clothing’.

Congratulations to Christopher Nolan for not messing up his Batman trilogy with a shitty third act. Definitely could’ve done without Catwoman though.

UPS saves millions of gallons of fuel by incorporating as many right turns into its routes as possible. They say the reduction in idling time makes the difference. The Mythbusters tested this system out and when they did it, their route with only right-hand turns was longer in distance and time(!) and yet used less fuel than the route with left-hand turns did. Does this not show that stop-and-go driving or driving heavy with acceleration is more of a factor in fuel waste than engine idling? Either way, job well done UPS.

Good night.

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