Tolerably Hot

Not sweating so much today. Temperature must have dropped slightly.

Fact: the sun’s radiation burns living tissue.

Result: nearly my entire body is pink.

Conclusion: I’m an idiot.

So, the Olympics are still going on.

Just happened to see a heat from the 100m event. The first qualifier was world champion, Yohan Blake from Jamaica – no surprise there. The two guys qualifying with him, though, were from Japan and China. I wonder how the African fellows who finished behind them felt about that.

There goes the last of the tall boys I bought this week.

At least 10 percent of Korean women aged 17 to 30 wear skirts or hot pants so short with heels so high that if you were to transplant them as is to any place in North America or Europe people would probably assume they were prostitutes. It’s fantastic.

My neighbors are having sex at the moment. Good for them.

Two piles of dirty laundry are staring me in the face. They’re arguing over who will go in the machine – neither wants to be first.

Human civilization is now completely built around the automobile. That needs to change. Just about every aspect of society could be improved by drastically limiting these 4-wheeled banes of our existence. Two wheels are the way to go.

Good night.

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