Back to Work

Today was back to work after five days off.

The manager at the Monday/Friday location continues to use his outdoor voice indoors. That woman you’re talking to is only about 2 meters from you. Shouting is not necessary.

Every once in a while, a kid will say something with such an exaggerated facial expression that it leaves me unable to stop laughing for a good long time. It happened today and it was awesome.

Lots of mass shootings these days. Maybe it’s time to start NOT selling pistols and automatic weapons to the general public. Somebody said (it may have been Eddie Izzard) something like, sure, guns don’t kill people, but they do make it a whole lot easier. Some countries should listen to that guy.

Synchronized swimming. How can something be so absurdly ridiculous and yet mesmerizing at the same time? Their ludicrous makeup and outfits, the way that they march in unison to the pool in formation and then do a little dance on the pool deck, their exaggerated Smilex-brand smiles, and the unbelievable way in which everything they do is done at the exact same time; right down to their breathing… it all blows my mind.

Good night.

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