Sundry Thoughts

Well, looks like South Korea will have its first female president after today’s vote. The international media will pick up the story, playing up the angle that a middle-aged, unmarried woman in the country’s most powerful public post, is a signifier of Korea’s social progression, and some other bullshit like that. In actual fact, she will, being a financial and social conservative, probably hold back South Korea’s social development, and work to maintain the status-quo of xenophobia, lack of women’s rights and antiquated views on sex and marriage. Long story short, a woman winning the election will ironically mean that women will actually be worse off.


Damn it, Peter Jackson and Co, you’ve let me down. After doing a very admiral job of bringing the epic that is Lord of the Rings to movie theaters, you’ve gone and ruined it with The Hobbit. First of all, why stretch such a simple and short book into 3 movies? I’m sure it’s so that the studios can squeeze as much money out of people as possible, but shit, three films? Secondly, the dwarves, man. What are you thinking? They look like slightly short people, not dwarves. And what’s with making a hero, who spouts tragically cliche dialogue, out of Thorin? Seriously, this movie has turned out looking very much like the cash grab it is. Thinking about it now, I think live action movies should not be made from fantasy genre books. Animation versions would suit them far better. Because all the characters, no matter how much makeup and camera tricks you use, end up looking too humanish. So, please let’s just stop it. But, I know,  it won’t ever stop, because there’s too much money to be made from shite movies.


I’m sitting here looking out the window, and everybody I see is the same. They wear the same styles of clothing, they all watch their smartphones or tablets as they walk (not looking where they’re going), or they walk arm in arm with a friend or lover dressed the same as they are. All are out looking for something to consume: clothes, jewellery, electronics, overpriced food and espresso drinks. All of them zombie-slaves to the evil triumvirate of capitalism, consumerism and materialism. It’s seriously depressing.


I’ve been reading a lot of philosophers these days; Epicurus, Montaigne, Schopenhauer, and I think everyone should be forced to read what these guys wrote. I think it would change everybody’s perspective for the better. We don’t need narcotics to help change the collective consciousness as some would suggest–although that would help, too–all we need is a shot of reality courtesy someone like Monsieur Montaigne.


If you watch enough Mad Men, you will inevitably feel the temptation to imbibe a little. I mean, those people are drinking ALL the time — those damn, good-looking jerks, with their great sense of style and their witty rejoinders. It’s too much. Did people really drink that much while working back in the ’60s? How could they function with all that booze constantly at hand? That show is dangerous. It shows us that no matter how drunk or hungover you are you will always appear dashing and be unerringly charming.

2 thoughts on “Sundry Thoughts

  1. filthy

    I’ve got a book you should read: Handbook for Mankind by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. It’s free and in the ether. Google it, changed my life.


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