Carol Contest

Tomorrow is my English academy’s Carol Contest. This will be accompanied by a party where I am expected to entertain the students and any friends they bring. My boss actually used the word entertain. I’m a teacher, not an entertainer. I’m not a singer, dancer, clown or MC. I actually think I’m a decent teacher, but when I’m asked to do something that goes beyond the duties of teaching, in anyway, it infuriates me. This same boss also wants me to help him develop teaching materials for his academy. If I was being paid to develop content, this wouldn’t bother me at all; I actually enjoy that kind of work. But, having him ask me to do it, when I’m getting paid a shitty wage to TEACH, is bullshit.

On another rage-inducing note, there is my scooter, or to be precise, the moving of my scooter by people who aren’t me. My scooter gets haphazardly moved around in the parking garage below my building almost every day and it makes me want to kill someone. Yes, it’s smaller than your car, but that doesn’t mean you can move it for your convenience you prick. Recently there’s been two guys who have basically been playing ping-pong with my poor little bike: one guy moves it so he can more easily get into his parking space, and then later when the other gets home he moves it back so he can get into his space. Seeing the results of this sends me into a turrets like rage, with every filthy word you can think spitting from my mouth. I think I’m gonna start pissing on their cars or putting old rotten fish up under their wheel wells. They deserve worse than that, but I don’t want to go to jail.

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