Some Thoughts

A list of products I have recently seen Psy appear in commercials or ads for: energy drink/hangover cure, kimchi refrigerator, beer, soju, cell network, printer paper, and ramen noodles. In Korea there is no shame in shilling. The biggest stars at the height of their fame will endorse any and all companies willing to pay them. The concept of “selling out” doesn’t exist here because no one will hold it against if you decide to cash in your fame for a quick buck. In fact they would think you were stupid if you didn’t milk your high-level exposure for every penny it would get you. Consequently, we find superstars like Psy on tv trying to sell us on the merits of Double A photocopy paper.


So, I’m sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops at the moment. There’s almost always awesome music playing here; no K-pop or shitty American pop, just good jazz or independent-type singer/songwriter stuff. There’s this guy, however, this fucking dipshit jackass, who’s always wearing sandals with socks (even now in mid-winter) who comes in here sometimes when I’m here and changes the music. He’s not the owner and he doesn’t work here, but every goddamn time he comes in here, the first thing he does is ask the owner if he can put a different album on. And every fucking time, the music he puts on is shit. It’s usually some weird African or Spanish music…. fuck, he’s at it again, right now, as I’m typing… let’s see what he puts on now… Ok, he gets a pass this time… it’s not too bad. Regardless, I was enjoying the music that was on before more than I am this. But seriously, even the sight of this pudgy, smiling, sandal-wearing doofus makes me angry. Speaking of which, I need to learn how to not be boiling with rage all the time…. And there he goes again for chrisakes. What’s wrong with this asshole?


I miss hockey. I really want to start playing again, so the other day I dug out my hockey bag from the veranda/storage room. Turns out there was a lot of condensation going on in there. So much so in fact that there was standing water on the floor in one of the corners. Well, apparently moisture and hockey bags don’t mix well. The bag had several spots of mold on it, and my skates are furry with the stuff. The blades are rusted to shit, too. Luckily the rest of my gear is fine. I was thinking of getting new skates anyways. I could probably clean my old skates somehow, but getting the rust off the blades and sharpening them is a whole other story. Hopefully by March, I will have solved this problem and can start playing again.

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