Books for March

a-tale-two-cities-charles-dickens-paperback-cover-artThe only non-graphic novel I read this month. Not much I can write about this Dickens classic that hasn’t already been written, so from a personal point of view I will say that I didn’t enjoy this tale as much as I enjoyed Great Expectations. Also when you read A Tale of Two Cities you can feel the serialized nature of Dickens’ writing quite clearly, especially in the first half of the book, but it does start flowing more smoothly later on. It’s a great book about sacrifice, the evils of classism and the dangers of revolution.


dmzhiddenwarcaoverDMZ: The Hidden War is a look at six background characters in the DMZ series. With one issue written from the perspective of each character and several different artists used to draw them, the book is hit and miss. I was looking forward to this one, but found only two of the stories to be remarkable. That’s not to say that it’s a bad effort from the series, but it seemed just like filler to me; decent filler, but filler none the less.


Y last man cyclesAs I suspected after reading the first volume in the Y series, the second book is better than the first. The dialogue is reined in and the story becomes deeper and more interesting. Yorrick and his two companions stumble upon a seemingly utopian all-female community, while his Amazon-brainwashed sister tries to track him down. A decent read.



promethea1Promethea is a legendary hero born of imagination who inhabits different human vessels and flits between the realm of fantasy and the real world. Surreal, existential, ethereal… I don’t really know how to describe this Alan Moore-penned novel. A mix between fantasy and sci-fi, it moves along quickly, and at first seems to be a little airy; like something written by an imaginative high-schooler, but as the pages go by, the story becomes much more nuanced and with very solid art work, particularly in the city-scapes, to back it up, it’s well worth a read.


FABLE_NEW_EDITION_CoverA super fun book. Great idea (characters from fables and fairy-tales living in New York) with great execution. This first installment is essentially a whodunnit about the murder of Rose Red, the sister of Snow White. Also, the edition I read was the re-issue of volume one, which contains a bunch of bonus material thrown in, making this a great pick-up. This series might be taking over as my favorite.

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