Fact: North Korea is not a threat to anyone, let alone the U.S.

Every year the U.S. and South Korea hold war exercises, the North makes all sorts ofNorth Korea Teaching Hate crazy threats, the international media spreads these threats and like the seasons coming around again every year, people who don’t live in this part of the world fail to remember this same series of events happened 12 months earlier (hell, even people living here in Korea forget) and react with fright at how the North might launch nuclear weapons at them. This nuclear fear is laughable for many reasons and gives us a perfect example of how the media sensationalizes stories in order to make more money.

Here’s the thing. If the North carried out any sort of significant attack on even, let’s say, a U.S. warship, which was nowhere near the U.S. mainland, then within 48 tomahawk_explosion_photohours North Korea would cease to exist. Its military infrastructure and leadership would be ground to dust just as they were in Afghanistan and Iraq. That fact alone is enough to guarantee that America and all other non-Korean countries will never be attacked by North Korea, but there’s more. The North Koreans have no, none, absolutely zero ability to weaponize the nuclear explosive devices they have tested. In fact, they don’t even have reliable ways to deliver conventional explosives any great distance. Yes, I know, some may point to the story of a few months ago when the North “successfully” launched a satellite into space. But, did they really? Probably not. It undoubtedly failed, as all their rocket tests do. The rocket may have reached low orbit, but that, by today’s standards and despite the North’s relative North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks at the latest combat and technical equipments, made by unit 1501 of the Korean People's Army, during his visit to the unittechnological backwardness is quite easily done and a far cry from making a guided weapon capable of hitting a target 1000s of miles away. Even if they did in fact put a satellite into orbit, it surely didn’t last long, as it would have made a perfect test target for the satellite killers the U.S. probably already has in orbit. [That last bit’s wild speculation on my part. But, hey, if they have lasers that can shoot down planes now and they’ve made that information public, then surely it’s possible that they have some crazy-ass shit orbiting around up there in the vacuum of space that they’re not talking about.]

I would be leaving something important out if I didn’t acknowledge that the Northern regime is in fact a conventional weapons threat to the folks in the South. Every couple of years the North tests how far the South will go, retaliation wise, with little pokes and prods, which have an overall small effect but are a tragic event for a small number of families. Most recently they sank a Korean warship (although Cheonan2_400x300they deny it, which is interesting because why would they?) and shelled a small island west of Seoul killing some people there. The response to these “events” by the South’s leadership was mild to say the least. And that’s the rub. If the South responds strongly to these provocations then full-scale war will ensue. The South would win and win quickly and rather easily–they’ve got the best military in the world in their corner–but, that would leave them, all of a sudden, with 25 million more Koreans to take care of, and they don’t want that; it would kill the Korean economy and create all sorts of social chaos. These two halves of an old kingdom will re-unite within the next 25 years, but it will happen peacefully (the reasons for this would constitute a whole other article, so I won’t get into it now). In the mean time, the South will continue to be picked on by the North, and not be able to do anything about it.

Besides the concern it poses for the South Korean military, the North Korean regime is a threat to no-one except its own people. And that’s the really sad part. The media is playing up the threats to South Korea north-korea-cyber-capabilities_1and the States; countries in which people enjoy high standards of living, with things like electricity, internet access and cars and don’t have to worry (for the most part) about feeding themselves and their families. Remember that most headlines and most newscasters when mentioning the aggressor, say simply “North Korea”, which is inclusive of the entire populace of the country. The citizens of North Korea are not bogeymen and have nothing to do with the absurdity that spews from the regimes talking heads.

People in the West really need to stop and think about what they are seeing on the news. Seriously, turn off the televisions, read a few articles from various different sources and approach this information rationally. Is it possible that the armed forces of a country like North Korea actually have the ability to attack the world’s most powerful–by far–military and the country it protects? Put aside media-induced fear and think about it logically and you’ll see for yourself that it’s all bullshit.

2 thoughts on “Fact

  1. olsonwrites

    One must remember that a regime’s propaganda (either NK or US) is merely part of the issue. Does the North have any oil? They wouldn’t be the first country to be baited into war over resources.


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