Things That Piss Me Off #1/#2

  1. Assholes moving my scooter. Nothing sends me into a murderous rage quite like going outside to find that someone has messed with my ride. Seriously, it makes me want to kill someone. It happened for the dozenth time the other day. And this time, not only did they move it, but they also damaged the side panel by pinning it up against a wall made of cinder blocks, scraping the shit out of it in the process. So, basically, unless you want something bad to happen to you, stop touching my fuckin’ bike. Here, I’ll let Leighton Meester further explain the concept to you:
  2. Outdoor speaker systems. Why in-the-hell would city authorities think it’s a good idea to set up speakers in parks and along every bike or running path in the city? Does a lack of noise make you uncomfortable? Tired of silence, calm, and serenity? Don’t they know that forcing music on people is used as a form of torture in some places? When I’m sitting in a park or walking along the river I sure as shit don’t want to have to listen to some crappy K-pop song, some random classical piece, an old Elvis song or Somewhere Over-the goddamn-Rainbow; I want to hear nothing besides the melody that nature provides. If other people want to listen to music, they can bring along a friggin’ mp3 player.


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