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Moving Picture Time



The open road on two wheels: Nothing much better than that.

The stars of this short film are definitely the bikes. The dudes riding them are a little too cliché, especially the guy who can be seen more often with his shirt off than on, despite it being winter. Yet, regardless of who represents it, that is the life I wish to lead.

On a technical note, I love that they shot this on 16mm. Gives it more character than pure digital could.

Moving Picture Time

Today’s video is Star Wars IV: A New Hope as recreated by hundreds of different people. A man by the name of Casey Pugh started a project and accompanying website where he broke A New Hope down in to 15 second clips and then asked anyone who wanted to to select a clip and recreate it in any fashion they wished. The result is really quite fascinating. Just about every type of animation, whether hand drawn or computer driven, is employed along with just about every amateur film technique you could possibly imagine. This film is really a brilliant example of how diverse the human imagination can be. The takes on R2D2 and C3PO  alone are worth watching for: R2D2 shows up as several different kinds of trash bins, a mop bucket and a shop-vac amongst other things. So if you’ve got 2 hours to kill or even just a few minutes to glance through it then give it a go.

Check out the website for more: Star Wars Uncut