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Snow Day

A Christmas miracle? A few centimeters of snow falls and my boss cancels classes. This news however came with two ‘unfortunatelies’: I was told of this cancellation only after I arrived at work and my feet were soaked from the slushy roads, and I have to work one Saturday in January to make up for the lost time. He definitely didn’t need to shut the academy down. Most of the kids from the early classes showed up early anyways, as they all live nearby. But, I suppose I should enjoy this time off since a check of the calender a few days ago revealed that after the New Year holiday next week I only have two days off during the remaining 5 months of my contract. So, yeah, whoopee.

The kids are definitely loving it today, though. They rarely see snow here, so they’re going apeshit today; building snowmen, kicking other kids’ snowmen, fighting. It’s nice to see them so ridiculously happy. Children really know how to enjoy simple things, and that’s awesome.